Food Safety Training For New and temporary employees

Food Safety Training For New and temporary employees


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BRCGS e-Learning has been designed to allow you to choose the courses and content that suit you best. This means you can focus your attention on the particular areas that need improvement, rather than taking a generic course where only one or two modules are relevant to you or your business. This e-Learning course is Available in other languages.

With potential disruption due to Covid-19 to supply chains, staff absenteeism and an influx of new temporary workers to the food industry, it is particularly important that training is provided for new and temporary employees taken on, either directly, or through agencies because many may be new to the food industry. These online interactive training modules are designed to be particularly useful for organisations to train new starters or move staff from one area to another to branch out their knowledge to related to scope of operation or job role. 

The content has been written by leading experts in the field of food safety and covers 5 topics with knowledge being tested by multiple-choice questions at the end of each interactive modules. A certificate of completion is provided:

1. Microbiological Hazards 

In this module you will learn about -

i. microbiological hazards in food, especially bacteria, 

ii. different types of bacteria and the dangers of spores and toxins, 

iii. sources of food poisoning bacteria, their requirements for multiplication and how they can be controlled or destroyed, 

iv. different types of food and the importance of separation 

v. food spoilage.

2. Food poisoning and its control

In this module you will learn about -

i. What cause food poisoning

ii. What symptoms are shown by a person suffering from food poisoning

iii. How to prevent food poisoning

iv. Other illnesses that can result from consuming contaminated food.

3. Contamination hazards and controls 

In this module you will learn about - 

i. What contamination hazards are

ii. How they transfer to food

iii. How to control them.

4. Personal hygiene

In this module you will learn about - 

i. We'll look at why personal hygiene is important and 

ii. How to maintain high standards of personal hygiene.

5. Cleaning and disinfection

In this module you will learn about - 

i. Why it is necessary to maintain cleanliness

ii. What hazards can occur while cleaning

iii. How to clean effectively.

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