Gluten Free Certification

Gluten-Free Certification Program Global Standard Issue 3

Gluten-Free Certification Program Global Standard Issue 3


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    15 February 2019

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An increasing number of consumers suffer from celiac disease or non-celiac/coeliac gluten sensitivity. There is no cure for people suffering from these ailments and the only remedy is to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet, for life.

Millions of consumers worldwide are looking for gluten-free products but confused and overwhelmed by the huge number of gluten-free label claims in the market. They are looking for a way to identify safe, reliable gluten-free products they can trust, hence the development of the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP).

GFCP is a set of voluntary certification standards based on preventative, science-based approach for managing the safe production of gluten-free products – The Gluten-Free Certification Program. The GFCP was established with consensus from consumer and industry associations, retailers, manufacturers, and government agencies.

Key Program Objectives Include

·        Helping consumers to make clear and informed safe, gluten-free product choices

·        Increase ease of access to gluten-free products

·        Broaden the scope of available gluten-free products

·        Create awareness with medical doctors and other medical practitioners

·        Be trusted by consumers seeking gluten-free products

The Program is recognized by consumer celiac/coeliac societies, Brands may communicate these endorsements to consumers by using the accepted certification trademarks on product packaging and marketing collaterals. Products displaying a GFCP trademark have been manufactured in a facility which successfully undergoes a robust, non-biased, annual third-party audit.

To learn more about the BRCGS Gluten-Free Program and to register for Issue 3 Training CLICK HERE



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