Packaging 5 Protocol and Report Writing - Existing BRCGS Auditors

Packaging 5 Protocol and Report Writing - Existing BRCGS Auditors
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Course Description

This course is for auditors who have completed BRCGS auditor training and currently audit at least one other BRCGS Standard; and now wish to audit the Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5.

N.B. You will need to provide your BRCGS auditor number at the end of the course.

You should have completed a classroom-based BRCGS Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5 – Understanding the Requirements course BEFORE commencing this Protocol and Report Writing e-Learning module.

This course is designed to give auditors the tools they need to carry out and report on audits consistently and accurately to the standard required by BRCGS.

The course covers:

- Audit Criteria

- Audit Requirements

- The BRCGS audit

- Report writing

- Post audit requirements

- BRCGS Standards and supporting information

On completion of this course and the BRCGS Understanding the Requirements (Packaging Issue 5) classroom-based course you will need to complete a 50 question multiple-choice exam, with a pass mark of 75%, in order to qualify as a BRCGS auditor. Please contact either your ATP or the BRCGS Academy - training@brcgs.com (whichever is your course provider) for details on obtaining access to this.